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1080 Finch Avenue East
North York, Toronto
Ontario, Canada
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Marg Black
Tri-Churches Parish Nurse

As our Parish Nursing office is still closed at this time,
please reach out to us by phone at (416) 494-5364

or contact any of the agencies below:
Toronto Mental Health Support - 211
Seniors Help Line - (416) 217-2077
Seniors Safety Line - (416) 899-1011
Crisis Help - crisisservicescanada.ca

Parish Nursing Health Tip

posted for the week of May 22, 2022

Even Rose Gardens Have Serpents!

God did give us a garden filled with all the flowers we could ever want but it came with a qualification. We were supposed to tend the garden and walk with God. Eve fell prey to the Serpent and ate the forbidden apple, giving it also to Adam. As a result we were all exiled from Eden to live in the world of struggle, pain, fear. loss, etc. that humankind has lived in since the beginning.

What has all this to do with us and the world we live in today?

For one thing, life has always had its struggles. As children we had to go to school, work hard to pass our exams, then graduate and go to work to earn a living. But these things came with many blessings which we might not have recognized at the time. We made many wonderful friends and learned much more than just what was in the curriculum. We dreaded mistakes and failures but they gave us learning opportunities.

If you never meet anything that challenges you, you donít grow.  God has given each of us unique gifts that we are intended to grow into and use to serve Him and the people who need us. As the world so desperately needs Godís message of love, forgiveness, kindness, and helpfulness, this is a good time to ask ourselves how we can help.

For many of us, as we grow older, we start to think, ďIíve done my bit. Itís my time to rest, relax, let others worry about these things.Ē  Or maybe even, ďIím too old, tired, sick. I have nothing left to give.Ē Thatís the Serpent in our garden. We need to be careful not to fall prey to this temptation. Iím not suggesting that we havenít earned the right to rest and relax. Thatís important. What I am focused on is, ďI have nothing left to give.Ē That leads us to feel like we donít matter any more, that we have no purpose.

Life without purpose is not life, it is mere existence.

We all have something to offer. Experience and wisdom! Recently I found a birthday card that I loved. It said, ďDonít think of yourself as 50. Think of yourself as 21 with 29 years worth of experience.Ē Not only was it funny, it was also a good reminder of what we acquire as we continue our journey through life.

Look around your neighborhood and see lonely, frightened, lost people that you can reach out to and befriend. Learn about their problems and see if some of your life experience can be helpful. Pick up your phone and call friends that you havenít seen for some time. Find out whatís going on in their lives and give them your support. Smile and say hello to those that you pass on the street. That makes the world a friendlier place. Not only do these small things help others, they give us purpose, meaning, and joy. And above all, you can always PRAY for others. Thatís our part in tending Godís garden.

Margaret Black
Parish Nurse

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