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Fraud Protection

Prevention is the best protection. If you think you may have been "scammed", call the Government of Ontario toll free at 1-800-268-1142. Press 1 for English, and then 8 to talk to a person. We all like to think that it couldn't happen to us, but it can…to any of us!

Some things to watch for and question:

· High pressure sales tactics from door-to-door electricity or gas retailers.
· Secret formula "miracle cures". They don't work.
· A voice on the telephone which says, "You have won…" but then you have to pay for shipping. If it were true, you wouldn't have to pay to collect it.
· "Just happen to be in the neighbourhood" home repairs. Ask family and friends for recommendations. Some people (according to police) may go up on your roof and actually cause damage before they show you, or go up there and do nothing.
· Strangers who want to inspect your driveway, or say, "The price is only good for today", or people who want you to sign a contract.
· Pushy vacuum cleaner sales people who come to your door. Compare prices before buying anything.
· The scratch-and-win card delivered to your door which says you're a winner and you should call a 1-900 number. This could result in huge phone bills. Pitch the card in the garbage!
· Ads that say "full-time pay for part-time work from home" or "earn up to $2,000 a month at home in your spare time". If you call, they may want start-up money. Did you ever have a job where you paid your boss?

Keep all credit and debit transactions private. Scam artists can use your PIN numbers, birthdate, or social insurance number to take your money.



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