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"That you may have life and have it more abundantly" John 10:10

How can we have more abundant life?
One way is to revisit our values! Values guide our decisions and our actions. The way we live and the choices we make are determined by the importance we place on the events and activities in our lives.

There is diversity in values based on our background, goals, interests, responsibilities and religious faith. Values can and do change. Some values we can easily identify; others may not be so clear.

Values can also be conflicting. Conflict means that we have to set priorities; we have to determine which values are non-negotiable. For example, will you avoid the truth in order to protect a friend? If so, you have made a decision that friendship has a greater value to you than making sure the truth is known. However, if you make that decision and are uncomfortable afterwards, you may have taken the easy way out and did not really make a decision based on your true values. Some values, then, take precedence over others. Is your lifestyle reflecting your true values?

Watch for "What does faith have to do with it?" next week.


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