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I'm Dreaming of a BLUE Christmas…

Isn't that supposed to be "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas? That's what everybody else is singing! The decorations are up and the carols are playing in the mall. The merchants are already chanting "only 37 more shopping days till Christmas". Soon Santa will be appearing. There will be cards to send, presents to buy and wrap, parties to plan and attend… It all sounds quite jolly, so why don't I feel that way? Even worse, how will I get through this season when I seem to be so out of step with everyone else?

Some of us may be facing an empty chair at the Christmas dinner table, while others may be dining alone. Christmas without those closest to us can be the loneliest, most painful time of the year.

Still others may be overwhelmed with the stress of endless shopping and socializing, especially in the current economic situation. It gets harder and harder to find all the "right" gifts without blowing the budget for the next 6 months.

How can we find the "Peace on Earth" and "Joy to the World" promised by the angels when their singing is drowned out by our sorrow or the noises of the materialistic society around us? How can we cope with the loss, grief, loneliness and stress we feel when everyone else is celebrating? How can we get through the Christmas season not only intact but with some sense of meaning? First we have to acknowledge our feelings as real and valid. Only then can we seek ways to deal with them.


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