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Series on Stress: Part 4

Post-Traumatic Stress

What is it?
People who have experienced conditions of extreme shock, stress or fear may not be able to recover quickly. Often people cannot help but be affected by what has happened. Sometimes symptoms may not appear until weeks or months later.

How To Recognize It:
Symptoms include: re-experiencing the event as recurring dreams or intrusive memories; sleeplessness; feelings of numbness, or detachment from the world around; feelings of anxiety, fear or depression; an exaggerated response (e.g. hysteria) to events; feelings of guilt about surviving while others have not.

What To Do About It:
Seek out trusted friends and family members who will listen while you work through the trauma.

Contact the Canadian Mental Health Association (905-898-7466 or 416-798-8500) to learn about self-help groups, supports and resources available in your area.

See your doctor; medication may help with depression, anxiety, and re-establishing regular sleep patterns.

Contact the Parish Nurse if you need help in getting assistance.


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